The TV Said it Best: #GetOffYourGas!

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I just had to share this one, because I love it!  For those of you that haven’t seen it, Kingsford Charcoal has made a pretty clever commercial to kick off the beginning of cookout season.  You can check it out right here…

#GetOffYourGas.  Love it.

There’s really not much to add…they make a strong point in a lighthearted and funny way (the dude that came up with that one should get a raise).

Living in the digital age is great.  We’ve got phones that are actually mini-computers, remote control houses, drones for personal use, and even driverless cars.  Those are on the way soon.  But there are some things that should stay the way they are since they can’t be improved upon.  In this case, outdoor cooking is one of them.

I’ve made my feelings on this matter pretty clear – I’m a charcoal man.  Hell, Kingsford to be exact.  But regardless of which charcoal you use, it wouldn’t be outside cooking without building a real fire and grilling food from it.  That’s why I’m against gas.  It’s just not authentic.  Cooking out ain’t about being seen doing it on Facebook or Twitter, its about enjoying an experience with those folks you love.  An app will not enhance that experience.  Neither will a selfie.

NOTE:  It’s okay to take pics of your cookout (of course).  And yes, I know that some people will want to upload said pics to a given site.  Honestly, that’s not what I’m against.  I mean, if it makes you happy, go ahead.  The thing I’m driving at is that outdoor cooking is meant to be enjoyed now the same way it was when you were a kid.  The only difference between my cookouts now and the ones I went to as a kid are 1)The age of the folks, 2)The music on the radio, and 3)The length of the shorts.  In my world, a barbecue plate from yesteryear was just as delicious a barbecue plate from cookouts today is .  That’s what makes backyard grilling great.

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