How to Grill Sausage (That’s Great For Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner)

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Anyone that’s tasted a sausage fresh off the grill would agree that nothing beats that smoky and delicious flavor! When you plan your next cookout, make sure you don’t forget this crowd pleaser. But how do you grill a good sausage? That can be a trickier question than you think. Sure, you could always throw them on the grill and take em off when they’re charred…but is that really how you want your family and friends to remember your cooking? Of couse not. That’s why we’re going to review how to grill sausage that will make the kinfolks rave!

 Before you dive in, understand that there are two things that you should know: 1) The kind of sausages that you want to cook, and 2) The method you plan to use to grill em. Granted, it’s not rocket science, but I can tell you from experience that having your ducks in a row makes everything flow smoothly. Trust me on that.


Different Types of Sausage

 When it comes to talking sausage, there are more than four dozen(!) different types – more than you could possibly imagine. Heck, even I was surprised when I learned that. So let’s take a moment to look at the categories.


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