I Am Not A Grill Expert (& You Don’t Need To Be Either)

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My Confession

I absolutely love cooking out!  Honestly, I can’t get enough of it.  And those folks that have visited here before know that to be the case.  Shoot, I can go on like a broken record on why grilling is such a passion of mine.  In fact, that’s exactly why I started this blog.  And it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I think I’ve made.  But when I tell some of my acquaintances and neighbors about it, they tend to think that I’m some kind of expert, which I am not.  Allow me to explain.

You see, I have never been to a culinary school.  Nor have I ever been a restaurant chef or worked as a caterer.  I have worked as a short order cook for a Mom-and-Pop fish & chicken shack, back in my younger days.  But that hardly qualifies, right?

Furthermore, I am not a published author on grilling related Everstryke Perma Matchcuisine.  Not once have I entered a barbecue competition, and have never secured a contract to cook for anyone’s company picnic or trade association.  And I have never been one of those guys that cooks barbecue plates for sale in a gas station parking lot.

What I have done is cookout an awful lot over the years.  I have dedicated myself to learning my craft and improving it by doing plenty of research, talking to other grillmasters for advice, and learning how to grill a variety of different foods through good old fashioned trial and error.  I’ve got plenty of experience and am the go-to guy whenever any of my family and friends throw a cookout and need a grill man.  I have also given out plenty of advice of my own over the years to guys that want to grill for their own families.

So you see, I am not an expert.  But the truth is, that ain’t the point of grilling.  In my opinion, the entire point to grilling is to enjoy cooking your food from a freshly made fire of charcoals with loved ones.  It does not take an expert to make the foods served taste good.  The truth is, anyone can do it.  YOU can do it.

You Don’t Need To Be An Expert

I would caution those that are caught in a paralysis of analysis to chill out.  Thing is, with the rise of these food shows, tv channels and websites, ordinary folks get to thinkin’ that they need a Ph.D just to cook dinner!  That’s nonsense y’all.  Yes, those fancy dishes are best made by experts, but good cookin’ is fair game for anyone to learn.  YOU can learn.  And the best part is that you learn by doing it.  Yes, I want you to read the material here at cookouteveryday.com.  But more importantly, I want you to get out there and grill!

The best advice I can give you on grilling as a whole is that you’ll learn far more by actually grilling than you will from reading about grilling.  Naturally, learning a new technique or recipe can be read about, but making it well comes from the experience of cooking it.  Let’s wrap this up.  Remember, there is no need for you to become an “expert” at grilling for folks to enjoy your cooking.  Just making tasty food is a good enough goal.  Now get out there and grill.


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