Improve Your Grilling With These 5 Points

A charcoal grill flaring up

The fire’s not quite ready

That outdoor cooking sure is fun, isn’t it?  The rich, smoky aroma of the charcoal as it gets fired up is the highlight of my day.  And I usually have already put together my plan for the grilling session, so there are no worries.  But every now and then….well, let’s just say that there are times when I’ve lost focus.  And I figured that a few pointers on how to improve your grilling would be the perfect topic for this post.

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A Break From the Ordinary – Grilled Kabobs

A Rack of Kabobs

These things always get my mouth watering

Let’s talk about a delicious, easy, and fun dish to cook on the grill; Kabobs!  Far too often when people think of grilling, hamburgers and hot dogs come to mind.  Now I’m as American as they get and I love me some burgers and dogs.  But the thing is, you’re really missing out if that’s the only thing you put on the grill.  A little bit of variety is the spice of life — and with kabobs, we’re talking about more variety than you can shake a stick at (pun intended).

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Another Word on Fish – Let’s Grill Some Fish Tacos!

Grilled Fish Tacos

I bet you never thought of grillin’ up these.

Grilling is loads of fun and tacos are delicious.  So imagine how much fun it is to have some grilled tacos for dinner!  In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at grilling tacos (but with a twist).  The spin on this tasty meal is what keeps grilling fresh and exciting.
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I Am Not A Grill Expert (& You Don’t Need To Be Either)

A sign that claims that were the experts

My Confession

I absolutely love cooking out!  Honestly, I can’t get enough of it.  And those folks that have visited here before know that to be the case.  Shoot, I can go on like a broken record on why grilling is such a passion of mine.  In fact, that’s exactly why I started this blog.  And it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I think I’ve made.  But when I tell some of my acquaintances and neighbors about it, they tend to think that I’m some kind of expert, which I am not.  Allow me to explain.

You see, I have never been to a culinary school.  Nor have I ever been a restaurant chef or worked as a caterer.  I have worked as a short order cook for a Mom-and-Pop fish & chicken shack, back in my younger days.  But that hardly qualifies, right?

Furthermore, I am not a published author on grilling related Everstryke Perma Matchcuisine.  Not once have I entered a barbecue competition, and have never secured a contract to cook for anyone’s company picnic or trade association.  And I have never been one of those guys that cooks barbecue plates for sale in a gas station parking lot.

What I have done is cookout an awful lot over the years.  I have dedicated myself to learning my craft and improving it by doing plenty of research, talking to other grillmasters for advice, and learning how to grill a variety of different foods through good old fashioned trial and error.  I’ve got plenty of experience and am the go-to guy whenever any of my family and friends throw a cookout and need a grill man.  I have also given out plenty of advice of my own over the years to guys that want to grill for their own families.

So you see, I am not an expert.  But the truth is, that ain’t the point of grilling.  In my opinion, the entire point to grilling is to enjoy cooking your food from a freshly made fire of charcoals with loved ones.  It does not take an expert to make the foods served taste good.  The truth is, anyone can do it.  YOU can do it.

You Don’t Need To Be An Expert

I would caution those that are caught in a paralysis of analysis to chill out.  Thing is, with the rise of these food shows, tv channels and websites, ordinary folks get to thinkin’ that they need a Ph.D just to cook dinner!  That’s nonsense y’all.  Yes, those fancy dishes are best made by experts, but good cookin’ is fair game for anyone to learn.  YOU can learn.  And the best part is that you learn by doing it.  Yes, I want you to read the material here at  But more importantly, I want you to get out there and grill!

The best advice I can give you on grilling as a whole is that you’ll learn far more by actually grilling than you will from reading about grilling.  Naturally, learning a new technique or recipe can be read about, but making it well comes from the experience of cooking it.  Let’s wrap this up.  Remember, there is no need for you to become an “expert” at grilling for folks to enjoy your cooking.  Just making tasty food is a good enough goal.  Now get out there and grill.


How to get those sexy ‘Grill Marks’ on your food

Chicken on the grill with grill marks

Just seeing them makes your inner voice say “Yes!”

Grill marks are sexy.  Yeah, I said it.  Believe me, there’s no feeling like turning that meat (or veggie) for the first time on the grill and seeing some deep and well defined marks on your food.  It communicates that  you know what you’re doing and that the food is gonna be fantastic!  While it ain’t as easy as it looks, you can still get perfect grill marks on your food every time.  And we’re going to discuss exactly how you can get it done. Continue reading

How to Grill Sausage (That’s Great For Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner)


Anyone that’s tasted a sausage fresh off the grill would agree that nothing beats that smoky and delicious flavor! When you plan your next cookout, make sure you don’t forget this crowd pleaser. But how do you grill a good sausage? That can be a trickier question than you think. Sure, you could always throw them on the grill and take em off when they’re charred…but is that really how you want your family and friends to remember your cooking? Of couse not. That’s why we’re going to review how to grill sausage that will make the kinfolks rave!

 Before you dive in, understand that there are two things that you should know: 1) The kind of sausages that you want to cook, and 2) The method you plan to use to grill em. Granted, it’s not rocket science, but I can tell you from experience that having your ducks in a row makes everything flow smoothly. Trust me on that.


Different Types of Sausage

 When it comes to talking sausage, there are more than four dozen(!) different types – more than you could possibly imagine. Heck, even I was surprised when I learned that. So let’s take a moment to look at the categories.


Try These Easy Grilled Fish Recipes

Any opportunity to put some food on the grill qualifies as a good day in my book. Without a doubt, I try to eat food fresh off the charcoal grill as often as I possibly can. But it’s important to balance our taste for delicious barbecue with our long term health interests. Shoot, it’s just not healthy to eat steak and hamburgers every day. So by adding a healthy option to the mix, we can still have our barbecue – and eat it too! The next time you get ready to fire up that grill, try these two easy grilled fish recipes. They are fun to make and simple to prepare. Continue reading

Here’s an Easy Homemade Barbecue Sauce You Can Make

Chicken made with easy homemade bbq sauce

Everything tastes better with barbecue sauce!

What’s better than barbecue sauce? Answer: Free Money!! Besides that, there ain’t too many things that can beat a good thick (and for me, spicy) sauce to slather all over your meats. Even some fishies taste great with a good sauce. And ya know what even better than a good bbq sauce? Why, a good bbq sauce that you make yourself of course. And in this post we are going to learn how to make an easy homemade barbecue sauce that you’ll love for days. Continue reading

Essential BBQ Grill Supplies For Your Cookout

BBQ Grill Supplies

How many will you need?

Each time I slide open the back door to the patio, I get that surge of adrenaline. The time has come to start the grill. I say this all the time and its absolutely true; any chance I get to cookout fills me with a giddiness and excitement like no other. No matter the time of day (or night), day of the week, or month of the year, there’s no place like standing in front of my grill! See, Dorothy had it wrong in the movie cause Kansas can’t compare to cooking out – not even a little bit (not that there’s anything wrong with Kansas).

 And without a doubt, I can’t even start that fire without making sure that I have all of my bbq grilling accessories handy. When that smoky aroma begins filling my backyard, I want everything to be right where it should be; strategically placed and right at my disposal. It makes for a stress free and wonderfully good time. Continue reading